June 2016

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  • What are the Types of Residential Plumbing Services?


    Residential plumbing services range from fixing everything that leaks to repairing anything that clogs. If you’ve unclogged a hairy drain catch in your bathtub or tightened a faucet to stop a drip, you’ve performed basic plumbing services! However, if that drain in the bathtub continues to plug-up even after you’ve done all you know to […]

  • 3 Main Differences Between Routine and Emergency Plumbing Services


    Texas rainfall has never been as dramatic as 2016; all Texans are familiar with the shallow run-off that is generated after a rainfall, but flooding creeks and rivers are currently posing life-threatening hazards. The good news is, most homes here don’t have basements. The bad news is, flood waters then invade ground-level living and working […]