October 2016

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  • Water Leak Woes? Just Call Plumbing Services!


    We all want to protect and preserve our environment. That means we, as homeowners, do what we can to use less energy and water. The fact that saving our ecology also saves us money on our utility bills is icing on the cake! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has several DIY (do-it-yourself) guidelines for property […]

  • Different Types of Commercial Plumbing Services – Getting What You Need When You Need It


    There are three different types of residential plumbing services: inspection, maintenance, and repair. There are also three basic differences between residential and commercial plumbing services: Size of the plumbing – Commercial properties have more pipes, water intake/outlets, toilets, sinks, and more usage demand. Structural complexity – A commercial property usually has a minimum of 2 […]

  • Why You Need to Find Trustworthy Plumbing Services


    There are two important reasons why you need to retain trustworthy plumbing services: 1. Money Your dollars may be down the drain with less-than-ethical plumbing companies. They can overcharge you for parts and labor, charge by the hour (rather than the job), and even do more harm than good, causing you to spend even more […]

  • Ten Plumbing Repair Tips You Can Really Use


    We can tell you every plumbing repair secret we know – but then we’d have to shoot you. We are totally kidding!! Seriously, though, there are some good plumbing repair and maintenance ideas that can save you time and money, but there are also some really effective tips that may be useful to know. Here […]