January 2017

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  • How Do You Know When to Replace Your Toilet?


    Plumber Thomas Crapper did not design the toilet. It was designed by Sir John Harington in 1596, who installed a working prototype in his godmother’s house, which happened to be the palace of Queen Elizabeth I. How many words do we use for “toilet?” If you’re aboard a boat, it’s called the head. In London, […]

  • Think Again About Using a Liquid Drain Cleaner for your Clogged Drain


    You’ve got a clogged drain. Of all the terrible things that could go wrong with your home’s plumbing, a clogged drain seems simple enough for a DIY (do-it-yourself). “Bypassing the plumber for a bottle of drain cleaner can do more harm than good,” says Chicago plumbing professional Tyler Diciolla. First, Do No Harm Angie’s List […]

  • Don’t Ignore Water Pressure Problems


    If you’ve noticed water pressure problems, then you need to act before your water goes from a stream to a trickle, an even greater problem. Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of things. Common causes of water pressure problems include: Corrosion inside pipes Leaks Mineral build-up in pipes Municipal water problems What […]

  • 5 Tips to Help You Save Water All Over Your House


    Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. -Lao Tzu Water, water, everywhere! Seventy-one percent of our planet Earth is covered by water, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we are only able to use 1%. Our population continues to grow, and there are more people depending on […]