February 2017

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  • Hard Water Isn’t Only Annoying – 7 Problems That Happen as a Result

    Are you one of those people who are a bit over the top about the taste and purity of water? Don’t be embarrassed! Humble, Texas native Howard Hughes would only drink Poland Spring® water, and only from a specific bottling plant! Hard water often “tastes bad,” and we simply don’t want to drink it. But […]

  • What to Do if Your Bathroom or Laundry Room Flood


    A handywoman was determined to fix the faucet in her bathroom. When she had the correct part and installed it – with the water off at the main, like you’re supposed to do – her husband positioned himself near the main valve. “In the amount of time it takes to yell, ‘Turn the water on!’ […]

  • How Can You Extend the Life of Your Water Heater?


    The birth of a new year offers us an anticipation of good things to come; kind of like a “new life.” Conscientious people take healthful steps to extend their own lives, and diligent people do what is needed to extend the life of their possessions. If we helped you with a new water heater in […]

  • Keep Your Washer Maintained and Don’t Have a Reason to Skip Laundry Day!

    Plumbers don’t repair or service washers. But where there’s water, plumbing problems can surface. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement of washing clothes every week, right? Seriously, your washing machine is one of your most important appliances, so here are some tips to help keep it clean and operating at 100% […]