March 2017

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  • Plumbing How-to: Manage the Effects of Hard Water Around Your Home

    Hard water in your home can cause clogs, stains, and appliance damage. In Texas, you can have any mixture of minerals in your water, and you can tell what’s going on by the color of the stains. Here are ways to clean hard water build-up on bathroom and kitchen fixtures: Brown/black – manganese, other minerals […]

  • Keep Your Home Safe: Plumbing Appliance Product Recalls, 2015-16

    Along with everything you do to keep your family safe and your home comfortable, it doesn’t seem fair that you should have to check product recalls as well as schedule annual dental, dermatology, veterinarian, HVAC maintenance, etc. appointments. You don’t have to check IF, when you purchased a product, you filled out the little white […]

  • Proper Plunger Technique – Dos and Don’ts of Plunging

    Don’t get us wrong; we are happy to visit your home when you need plumbing services. At the same time, when your kitchen or bathroom sink is clogged, you need to do the right thing or risk damaging your pipes. Then, you will have no choice. You have to call us. Before Using a Plunger […]