June 2017

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  • Top 10 Crazy Facts About Plumbing!


    From showers to toilet lines, sewers, plumbing parts and more, Bradbury Thornton Plumbing Services has you covered. We know that plumbing problems are never really fun – but we think you’ll find these plumbing facts pretty entertaining! Weird But True Plumbing Facts The word plumbing comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum. It’s also […]

  • Why You Need Your Water Heater Flushed Regularly


    You know that every 3,000 miles, it’s time to get your car’s oil changed. Your home’s water heater works the same way. Angie’s List recommends you schedule an appointment to flush your water heater annually. Energy Conservation Saving energy is not just about saving money; it’s also about preserving our environment. When minerals build up […]

  • Is Insulating Your Water Pipes a Good Idea?


    Insulating the hot water pipes in your home reduces heat loss and can increase the water temperature by up to 4º F. Water pipe insulation is a cost-effective maintenance procedure that takes very little time to complete, yet represents a nice cost savings by letting you lower your water temperature setting. How to Protect Your […]

  • Leaky Toilets Can Drain Your Bank Account – Don’t Let It Happen to You!


    It’s not always easy to tell where a toilet leak is originating. Typically, it’s due to a toilet flapper or valve seal becoming old and/or worn out, but there are other reasons you may have a leaky toilet or two. Even a little leak can hurt your bank account: a running toilet can waste hundreds […]